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What is does Quiere que sepas que todos los dias solo pienso en ti eres la reina de mi vida mi corazon es para ti mean?

These are three sentences. The first word is most likely "Quiero" not "Quiere" This will translate as follows: I want you to know that every day I only think of you. You a (MORE)

Did tito puente have an illegitimate son?

he had one son out of wedlock by Ida carlini: Richard Anthony puente his 2 other children Tito Jr and audrey were also born out of wedlock as their Mother margaret married him (MORE)

What actors and actresses appeared in La reina del sur - 2011?

The cast of La reina del sur - 2011 includes: Joseph Abadia as Martin Camilo Alberto Mejia as Mario Joavany Alvarez as Director penitenca Moises Arizmendi as Coronel Ledesma A (MORE)