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What is pukka?

Pukka means absolutely first class, genuine, high quality, firm, solid, absolute. Word comes from Indian national language word Hindi (spelled like - Pakka). - Neeraj Sharma
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What is the origin of the word pukka?

it's Indian, originally meaning cooked. I guess it came into English during the British Raj when Brits would have to make sure food was "pukka" before eating it, as raw or und ( Full Answer )
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What does pukka mean?

Pukka is from the Hindi ("cooked") and means "genuine" or "superior". In British slang, it is synonymous with the slang use of "proper", as "acceptable", "okay", or "suitable ( Full Answer )
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Which country does pukka come from?

Pukka is a Hindi word means 'Certain' or 'Sure'. For example: Tell me pukka, will you do it for myself. I'll pukka do it. Sometimes people use the Pukka to express the solid ( Full Answer )
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How do you use the word pukka in a sentence?

To avoid leaving any humps and bumps, you may finish off the job with the brush for a really pukka job. resource(s):
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How do you charge a pukka minibike?

Find the cord with the power converter, which would be the bigblack block shaped thing in the middle of the of charger. Therewill be a three prong connection on the mine bike ( Full Answer )
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What is a pukka fish?

A Pukka fish is a fish that has a lot of germs and bacteria. Some people use them to bite the dead skin off of them so they can be smooth.
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Can you get a disease from pukka fish?

I really dont know but if you ask your doctor she/or him will know all i have to say is to make sure just in case concern your doctor before taking action with the pukka fish
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Are pukka fish illegal?

no..pukka fish are dangerous because they carry lots of germs and bacteria but they can be used for foot smoothening
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Are pukka fish poisnous?

I don't really know but what you can do is ask your teacher they can get you sick if the fish itself is sick