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Where is the fuel pump prime connector on a 97 Chevy venture located?

The prime connector i located right out off the fusebox on the cabels to the pcm. its a red cable with a black connector. Just putt possitive + on it and the fuel pump will (MORE)

What are prime?

A prime number is a number that cannot be generated by multiplying any 2 whole numbers (aside from 1 and itself). For example, 8 is not a prime number because you can get it b (MORE)

How do you prime a Harley Davidson oil pump?

on top of the harley oil pump there is a large plug that can be unscrewed with a large flat scew driver remove it and inside the first thing you will see is a long spring pull (MORE)

What pumps are used in petrol pumps?

typically positive displacement pumps are used because they maintain a relatively uniform output. For example, in a gear pump a fixed amount of fluid is pump by each rotation (MORE)

Was optimus prime always a prime?

No because no transformer is born a prime, before Optimus became a prime his name was Orion Pax; He became a prime (based on the animated series - Transformers Prime) when Meg (MORE)

What type of pump is jockey pump?

A jockey pump is a small pump connected to a fire sprinkler system and is intended to maintain pressure in a fire protection piping system to an artificially high level so tha (MORE)

How do you prime the oil pump on a Chevy engine?

While the engine is still on the assembly stand, turn it so that the oil filter would be vertical, then pour a small amount of oil into the holes while turning the engine slow (MORE)

1986 ford diesel injector pump prime?

  I was having a problem in my 1986 Ford diesel. The engine would start immediately even after sitting for weeks, but then would immediately stall. It would then take abou (MORE)