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What is cement punning?

punning is the method of cement finish, in a very thin layers about 3-5mm, applied on the internal or external walls/ roofs/ beams/ columns, to give aesthetic effect as well a (MORE)

What does pun mean as in no pun intended?

A pun is a phrase or word that makes humour by relying on the different meanings of a word or words with similar sounds. A pun is often referred to as the lowest form of humou (MORE)

What is the meaning of the phrase pun intended?

A pun is a play on words. Sometimes, it is intended, where people make a silly joke about something and the words are cleverly (or not so cleverly) used to make use of their d (MORE)
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What is a groan inducing pun?

A groan-inducing pun would be a play on words that causes one to respond with a groan. The reasons for groaning in response to a pun may vary, but in general it would be a way (MORE)

How do you use the word pun in a sentence?

A common type of pun uses the sound of words, those that rhyme or  have homophones and homonyms with widely different meanings, such  as bear and bare or the word set.   (MORE)

What does no racist pun intended mean?

The person is asking permission to make a racist comment. It is  sort of a disclaimer.
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