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How many punctuations are there?

As far as I know there are only fourteen punctuation marks. The period(.) The comma(,) The ellipses (...) The exclamation mark(!) The question mark(?) The dash(-) (MORE)

What is a open punctuation?

open punctuation is used in types of business letters. In a business letter you may address the letter, but instead of putting somthing like San Diego, California, you would p (MORE)

What is punctuated equilibria?

Punctuated equilibria is also known as Punctuated equilibrium. Itsuggests that in most species a lot of evolutionary change takesplace in short periods of time for most of the (MORE)

What rhymes with punctuation?

fluctuation, fluctuation, infatuation, self-perpetuation, situation, continuation, devaluation, discontinuation,evaluation, fluctuation, graduation, infatuation, insinuation, (MORE)

What is punctuate?

punctuation and capitalization is basically what you use to make written words sound like it is actually being said to you.... it makes sentences more easier to comprehend