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What is the Tantalus's punishment?

Tantalus's punishment was to be sent to tartarus knee deep in water and have a apple tree over his head and whenever he would try and drink, the water would disappear, and whe (MORE)

What was Prometheus' punishment?

He was chained on a mountain in Caucasus. There, a vulture/ eagle ate his liver every day. Because Prometheus was immortal, his liver healed in the night and grew back. This w (MORE)

What was Prometheus punishment?

Prometheus stole fire form zues, and taught the mortals medicine and other civilized activities. His punishment was that zues had prometheus nailed to a rock and every day an (MORE)

What is vicarious punishment?

  According to the social learning theory, behaviours are learned through different means, one of them being observation of others. This is sometimes called vicarious rein (MORE)

How witches were punished?

Answer 1: burnt or drowned. The US burnt them the UK threw them in  ponds. If they floated they were really witches so were burnt - if  they didn't float then they were not (MORE)

What were the punishments in the holocaust?

If you disobeyed in the camps or annoyed the guards you were whipped (usually 15 or 25 lashes). If you were unlucky you could have your wrists tied behind your back and be hoi (MORE)

What punishment did the children get and why did the children get the punishment?

Children who worked long hours in the textile mills became very tired and found it difficult to maintain the speed required by the overseers. Children were usually hit with a (MORE)