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What is the objective of punishment in Crime and Punishment?

In Dostoevsky's Crime and Punishment, punishment leads to suffering, which is seen as necessary in order to truly be forgiven and purged free of one's sins. This is displayed (MORE)

How do you punish a teen if no punishments work?

I was a horrible teen so I can see why its a problem. The only thing that worked for me was boot camp and therapy. Sometimes its just hormones. Sometimes they are testing ther (MORE)

How do you get out of punishment?

The best way to get out of punishment is to talk to your parents.When you take responsibility for your actions they are usuallywilling remove your punishment.

What were the punishments of Hades?

Hades punished wicked people for their crimes, here is a list of some of the punishments of those in Tartarus; Sisyhus had to roll a boulder up a steep hill; when he got to t (MORE)
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How can you get off punishment?

well you have to do what your suppose to do or deal with problem and just wait but also you have to remember what gonna happen when you feel or do is bad.step 1 you can apolig (MORE)

When is a defendant is punished?

A defendant is punished after the jury has listened to the evidence during a trial, and decides whether or not the defendant is guilty. Added: After the jury delivers its d (MORE)

What punishment did the children get and why did the children get the punishment?

Children who worked long hours in the textile mills became very tired and found it difficult to maintain the speed required by the overseers. Children were usually hit with a (MORE)