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What is a Zen Stick?

  Answer     Kyosaku, Jp., lit. "wake-up stick" which is used on persons sitting in seated mediation (zazen). When they become drowsy, they are struck on the sh (MORE)
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Why does mud stick?

  I think that mud sticks because it has a large amount of clay in it and we all know that clay is sticky.
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What to do in stick RPG?

There really is no objective to this game, but try to play stick rpg 2. It is more entertaining and your goal is to defeat the evil professor in his lab. In stick rpg you can (MORE)

How does starfish stick?

A starfish sticks itself to different surfaces by its suction cups that spread out througout the entire species. All starfish have the unique feature of suction cups, this is (MORE)

What is a rain stick?

  There is a tube-like percussion instrument made of wood that holds a large number of beads, or something to that effect. When you turn the stick from one end to the othe (MORE)

How can you stick it out?

I stick it out by unzipping my pants and slapping my best friend  across the face with my nine and a half  inch.............................................................. (MORE)
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What can you do when you stick a needle?

If you mean - that you've accidentally pricked yourself with a used  needle... seek medical advice immediately !.. 'Dirty' needles can  carry diseases such as hepatitis - or (MORE)