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What does a memory stick do?

it saves your work onto it, so if your computer is wiped out you have your work backed up.   * A memory stick can mean two things. It can mean a type of memory card made by (MORE)

What is a stick blender?

Immersion blenders, also called hand blenders or stick blenders, are long thin stand alone blenders that do not come with their own container that food is mixed in. Instead, a (MORE)
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What are wellie sticks?

  wellie sticks are pegs used to hang your wellies upside down on the outside of a tent so when you are camping you don't have to bring your dirty shoes inside and if it r (MORE)

How can you stick it out?

I stick it out by unzipping my pants and slapping my best friend  across the face with my nine and a half  inch.............................................................. (MORE)

What is stick out in welding?

This is a term used in MIG (metal-inert-gas) welding. When you pull the trigger to weld, wire travels out of the nozzle, strikes the workpiece, and starts the welding current. (MORE)
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What is a muster stick?

I've searched for this answer on the web and found little to no information so I'm going to tell you what was told to me when I was introduced. The validity of the answer may (MORE)