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Who's Punky Brewster?

Punky Brewster was the star of a TV sitcom of the same name. She was played by Soleil Moon Frye. The character, Punky, was abandoned in the grocery store along with her dog, B ( Full Answer )
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What does punky mean?

\nIf this is what you are referring to: \n. \n . punkie: minute two-winged insect that sucks the blood of mammals and birds and other insects...\n . \nthen there you go. \ ( Full Answer )
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Where can you get punky allsort braclets for cheaper?

well i hate to say it but if you want the official punky allsorts bracelet - you need to go to i purchased one last week and i love it. They are well worth ( Full Answer )
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Is punky pong a real game?

It is now. It didn't exist before the Bones episode (Gamer in the Grease, Season 5 Episode 9) was created. You can play Punky Pong at the official Bones website at Fox's site: ( Full Answer )
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What was punky brewsters friends names?

Her best friend throughout the entire series was Cherie Johnson, portrayed by Cherie Johnson, who lives in her apartment building. Cherie lives with her grandmother because he ( Full Answer )
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What was Punky brewsters dog's name?

"Brandon." She mentions in the episode "Henry Falls in Love" that he was named after "Marlo Brandon", unknowing that the star she named her dog after is really named "Marlon ( Full Answer )
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Who is Punky Brewster now?

No one is Punky Brewster. That was a character on a TV show and when the series was cancelled so was the character. Unless there is a reboot there will never be another incar ( Full Answer )
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Does margaux have a brother on punky brewster?

It is mentioned that Margaux Kramer has a younger brother in the episode of Punky Brewster titled "Yes, Punky, There is a Santa Claus", but he is never mentioned throughout th ( Full Answer )
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Where did Punky Brewster come from?

Punky Brewster came from the USA. The show was aired on NBC from September 16, 1984 to September 7, 1986 and again from October 30, 1987 to May 27, 1988.