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Who purchased the land in the Louisiana purchase?

The US bought Louisiana from France, in a treaty authorized by President Thomas Jefferson. The agreement was signed in Paris by Robert Livingston and James Monroe on April 30, (MORE)

What is purchase?

to "purchase" is the same as to "buy". If you make a purchase then you have bought something.
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Who was the Louisiana Purchase purchased from?

The Louisiana Purchase The United States acquired Louisiana from the French in 1803 in what is known as the Louisiana Purchase. George Washington
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What year was the Louisiana Purchase purchased?

In 1803 Thomas Jefferson acted upon Napoleon's offer to sell theLouisiana territory. At the time, Louisiana was a vast Frenchterritory considerably larger than the present-day (MORE)
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What states were purchased in The Louisiana Purchase?

The Louisiana Purchase included the Mississippi and Missouri valleys west of the Mississippi. This included the states of Arkansas, Missouri, Iowa, Oklahoma, and Kansas, and p (MORE)
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Why did the u.s purchase the Louisiana purchase?

They didn't actually set out to buy the whole of Louisiana: they exported 3/8 of their produce from the Mississippi and New Orleans. In 1802, after the French had gained Louis (MORE)