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What is relationship purchasing?

it looks beyond maximising the value of one-off transactions ,to establish strong,long-term relationships with suppliers,in order to secure mutual benefits,added value and com (MORE)

What is a purchasing requisition?

A purchasing requisition is a document filled out by an employee and given to the purchaser who issues a purchase order and orders the item(s). The requisition should state th (MORE)

What year was the Louisiana Purchase purchased?

In 1803 Thomas Jefferson acted upon Napoleon's offer to sell the  Louisiana territory. At the time, Louisiana was a vast French  territory considerably larger than the prese (MORE)

What is adjusted purchase?

the term adjusted purchase means the purchase value adjusted with opening stock and closing stock. i.e.- adjusted purchase= opening stock+purchases-closing stock Jitendra Kum (MORE)

Why was the Louisiana Purchase available for purchase?

Napoleon had toyed with the idea of reasserting French power in North America and then decided to abandon that project because it was too expensive and he could not spare the (MORE)

What states were purchased in the Louisiana Purchase?

The Louisiana Purchase included the Mississippi and Missouri valleys west of the Mississippi. This included the states of Arkansas, Missouri, Iowa, Oklahoma, and Kansas, and p (MORE)

What is the function of purchasing?

The function of purchasing is procuring not only resources required by all areas of the business, such as services, utilities, office equipment, but also machinery, raw materi (MORE)

What is a purchase book?

To record the credit purchases of goods dealt in or materials and stores used in the factory, a separate register called the Purchases book or the Purchase Journal, is usually (MORE)

What is a capital purchase?

A capital purchase is a purchase of equipment, property, or any asset that contributes to the production of a good or service. Depending on your countries tax laws, it would b (MORE)