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What is meant by purgatory?

It's the place where according to (now outdated) Roman Catholic  belief, many if not most souls of the deceased went to be purged of  sin before they could enter Heaven.
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What happens in Purgatory?

Catholic Answer     There are no sins in purgatory, purgatory is just the purifying that God accomplishes in us after we die. It may be a place or a condition, we don't (MORE)

How do you define purgatory?

  Purgatory is a timeless realm beyond the space-time continuum where souls go after death to be purified of their sins committed on earth so they can experience the etern (MORE)

Does purgatory exist?

The concept of purgatory is not found in the Bible. There are  verses in the Bible that have been 'stretched' to mean purgatory  but the idea is not taught explicitly in the (MORE)

Is purgatory capitalized?

No, only capitalize the word purgatory if it is the first word in a  a sentence. Purgatory in accordance with Catholic teaching is a  place or condition of temporal punishme (MORE)
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What is a relationship of purgatory?

A Purgatory relationship is as it says in the urban dictionary says  the dead zone that one enters in between relationships, when it is  too late to resume a past relationsh (MORE)

Where does Purgatory come from in the Catholic Religion?

Purgatory is where you go before you enter Heaven if you still have sins or the consequences thereof on your soul. It is basically a place of purgation where you are purged of (MORE)

Is purgatory painful?

According to general Catholic teaching, the primary "pain" of Purgatory is that the soul is not yet in union with God (Heaven).
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