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How do you purge?

you don't. It is very highly addictive. it causes you to gain weight. I suggest losing weight healthily.

What was the great purges?

  The Great Purges began in 1937 in Russia. Stalin had risen to power in years previous, and then he began to help industrialise the country. Russia needed to catch up to (MORE)

How do you get purge?

you find him at the beginning of the game in a hidden cave next to a latios. ..IS THIS PERSON SERIOUS purge is nothing but a hack heres something u need to know purge is jus (MORE)

Purge is not a Pokemon?

Purge is not a Pokemon sorry to crush your dreams, but if you noticed on Purge is very dark and hard too see, but if your that determind to mess up your ds and gam (MORE)

Can you get purge?

I believe that you can but most other peeps don't. try evolving a bidoof on high friendship level. i don't know which one its supposed to be so try both. if that doesn't work (MORE)
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Is purge a noun?

The word purge is both a verb and a noun. The verb purge (purges, purging, purged) is to of rid oneself of an unwanted condition, feelings, memories; to vomit, cleanse, puri (MORE)

Why can you not purge?

Purge is actually not a real poke'mon created by Nintendo , therefore it is not in the poke'dex but you can catch it with an action replay, the code for it is ( if you have an (MORE)
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What is purge eating?

I might be wrong but I think its when you really want to eat immediately, like you have the purge to eat. It also happens with people in africa who are close to starving. They (MORE)