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How do you purge?

you don't. It is very highly addictive. it causes you to gain weight. I suggest losing weight healthily.

How do you get purge?

you find him at the beginning of the game in a hidden cave next to a latios. ..IS THIS PERSON SERIOUS purge is nothing but a hack heres something u need to know purge is jus (MORE)

What was the big purge?

The Great Purge was orchestrated by Joseph Stalin and took placefrom 1934 to 1940. During this time, Stalin removed thousands ofpeople from the communist party in an effort to (MORE)

Is purge real?

Purge is said to make his debut in the upcoming Pokemon platinum if you have a action replay you can get purge in pkmn pearl and pkmn platinum and pkmn diomand. I put a palk (MORE)

Can you get purge?

I believe that you can but most other peeps don't. try evolving a bidoof on high friendship level. i don't know which one its supposed to be so try both. if that doesn't work (MORE)

Why can you not purge?

Purge is actually not a real poke'mon created by Nintendo , therefore it is not in the poke'dex but you can catch it with an action replay, the code for it is ( if you have an (MORE)

Where are purging is required?

In the English Language there are a number of meaning for the term purging. It can mean that someone with an eating disease throws up all eaten food because they believe they (MORE)

How do people purge?

Some techniques are sticking their finger down their throat until they gag. Before they will chug a lot of water until they can't and stick a finger or tooth brushdown their t (MORE)