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What is a purplish rash on buttocks?

Answer . \nI think i once got what you have on your butt at camp. It's called empitygo. It's kina bad to have it there. put special cream on it every nite and don't go swi (MORE)
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What is the purplish pimple you have on your leg?

I'm no expert, but whenever I have them they are ingrown hairs caused by shaving (although you can get ingrown hairs if you don't shave,too). I find that when I exfoliate more (MORE)
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Purplish black hedgerow fruit?

Narrow it don with your description there. Look like small plums growing on a tree??? Could be damsons Look (MORE)
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Why is your crotch a purplish gray color?

Unless you are sick, The pigment of your skin could be darker therefore resulting in a purple-gray color. Ex. Your race is Black, Asian, Hispanic. The question is, is this a (MORE)
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Is blood a purplish blue color?

Blood is red. Your veins viewed from above the skin may give the illusion of blue due to light refraction and other factors. The common misconception of "blue" blood is contin (MORE)
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What is a vivid purplish pink color?

Fuchsia, named after the fuchsia flowering plant, is one example ofa mix between purple and pink. It's also known as magenta. The HTMLcode for fuchsia is FF00FF.
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What is a light purplish blue colour?

Periwinkle and lavender are both light purplish blue colors. Periwinkle is normally more blue, while lavender is more purple. Objects that are these colors include certain eye (MORE)
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Why is your faecal purplish?

Most poop colors are brown, greenish, and sometimes red. This is caused by food digesting in your stomach. If however, your "poop" is purple i highly suggest you go see a doct (MORE)