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What is your purpose?

To be God's creature. To Learn. To Serve. To Heal. To Educate. To Protect the environment. To Live and Let Live. To Protect Wildlife. To Experience. (MORE)

What is purpose?

Purpose can refer to when someone has a reason for doing something.If something has a purpose, then there is a use for it, and areason for it to be around, and in use.

What is the meaning of purpose if purpose has no meaning?

That is a trick question and purpose does have a meaning. If purpose has no meaning, then the meaning of purpose is the subjective experience of seeking a reason to defend t (MORE)
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What is a purpose?

to state a definite question or problem.Purpose gives direct, narrows scope, and provides a specific intent.

What is the purpose of purpose?

Answer 1 Question is its own answer, like the sound of one hand clapping. Answer 2 The purpose for having purpose is so that goals can be achieved in a directed manner. (MORE)
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What is the purpose of a HAD?

Please do not use acronyms when asking a question, we do not knowwhat you mean by a "HAD". Spell the words out in full.