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Who was pu yi?

PuYi was the last emperor in China

Can you eat pus?

No, a person cannot eat pus. It is a sign of infection that has  been festering, that needs to be taken care of, and it is not good  for the body.
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What is the cause of pus cells in semen?

The cause of pus in semen would be from a bacterial or fungal  infection. Chlamydia and gonorrhea are the two type diseases that  is the result.
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What is PU sole?

PU stands for polyurethane, formed ny chemical reaction between a polyol and an isocyanite. sole is the footwear. conclusion PU sole is the footwear made with PU since there a (MORE)

What does pus consist of?

...formed in certain infections and is composed of debris that consists of white blood cells, bacteria and tissue/cellular; A fluid product of inflammation.
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How is pus formed?

Pus is formed when the body removes dead skin cells and white blood cells called neutrophils in an infection. It is a sign that the body is still putting up a defensive reacti (MORE)

What is pus cells?

Pus is an accumulation of white blood cells and dead leukocytes. It  is commonly seen in any area of the body that has become infected.  It is the body's way of fighting the (MORE)

Is pus deadly?

Yes. Pus is buildup of Dead white blood cells and bacteria. If you  pop a internal cyst. (For example a gum boil) . The bacteria will  get in your bloodstream and will affec (MORE)