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What is pus?

Pus is a collection of dead skin cells, white blood cells, and bacteria that usually comes out a whitish yellow color.
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Is pus dangerous?

Since pus is associated with an infection, the infection is what is dangerous. Left untreated, an infection can cause some severe issues in the long run. Infections are treate ( Full Answer )
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What is pus stool?

Pus in stool can be caused by a number of health related problems.Some include IBS, Crohn's, food allergy, virus or bacteria, orcandida.
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What is pu maid of pu sole?

P U Sole are synthetic polyurethane light weight highly abrasion-resistant, water and chemical resistant long life and perfect for hard or light wearing shoes, most of sports ( Full Answer )
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What does PU mean?

It's a shortened term for puteo, which is Latin for "to stink, be redolent, or smell bad.
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Why do you get pus?

It is a mixture of cells forming at the area of infection. Some people refer to it as a protective shelf to stop infection.
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What is a platter pus?

a platter puss is a mammal and they have gressie fur and that means they will dry quicker
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What is the pus in a zit?

The pus in a zit is bactaria from all the dirt that is in the zit if you want it to go away don't pop it because it will flare up and your present, a scar so just use facewash ( Full Answer )