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How are braces put on?

  first:   they put a metal band around your molers. This is for later.   next:   they completley clean your mouth inside and out.   then:   they put glue o (MORE)
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When you put on a braces does it hurt when you put them on?

If you have sensitive teeth, you might feel a little bit of pressure, but don't worry. It's not painful. After the next couple of days, your teeth may feel a bit sore. Try to (MORE)

What do you put in coolant?

Coolant is what circulates in the engine to cool it. In most places, it is a 50/50 mix of anti freeze and water. If you are asking what do you put in the bottle marked Coolant (MORE)

How do you put bra on?

This depends on the kind it is. Most training bras and sports bras go over the head, like a shirt will, and then you put your arms through the straps. For bras with hooked bac (MORE)

What do you put in a purse?

now, if you are wondering what to put in your purse then i have the answer! if you are a small purse kind of girl then: cellphone, wallet, lip balm, mirror, lip gloss or lip s (MORE)

What is put into cakes?

Most cake recipes have the same basic ingredients; dry ingredients flour, sugar, baking powder, a pinch of salt; and wet ingredients water or milk, eggs, and often vanilla ext (MORE)
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What do you put in a hypothesis?

A hypothesis is an educated guess, therefore, you would put anything that you belive is true and you have possibly some background knowledge about it (give some reason why you (MORE)

What is a put out in baseball?

  A putout in baseball is the person who has the ball when the out is made.   example:   on a strike out the putout goes to the catcher   on a ground out to the 1 (MORE)
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How do you put out a bonfire?

The most easy solution is just get big buckets of water and throw over the fire, which will eventually calm it down... But if it is a Petrol bonfire or has things what may rea (MORE)