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What is putting?

Putting is a term in golf where the player usually on the green tries to put the ball in the hole, using a putter.
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How do you get her to put out?

tell her this story i at home one night and i asked my mum to knit me a sock for my hands coz i was very cold. the chill then spread to my private place. so i said can u mak (MORE)

Is an camera an in put or out put device?

It accepts data, pixel information, millions of it. Input. It displays data through the LCD. output. Heck, it has its own processor. It's a computer by itself! Then, if (MORE)
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When I put was and when I put were?

"Was" is the Singular past tense used when the subject of the verb is one person, thing or entity. A dog WAS crossing the road, a ship WAS sinking or the game WAS yesterday. " (MORE)

Can you put put and couple in a sentence?

Can you put a couple of extra pencils in my backpack? If you put a couple of strawberries on top, the kids will gobble up the fruit salad! "Put a couple of signs around th (MORE)