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What does putz mean?

It is slang for fool or idiot. In vulgar slang it means Penis. The word itself is Yiddish.. So really, its like calling someone a really small penis. Haha!
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What is a putz?

A putz is somebody who doesn't have good sense, or is plain stupid. For example, "Peter, your'e a putz!" or "Come on, don't be a putz"
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What does the Yiddish word putz mean?

fool or idiot--someone behaving in that fashion. Correction: The literal meaning of 'putz' is slang for male genitalia. The English equivalent is d*ck. Though it's or (MORE)
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What does the Pennsylvania German word putz mean?

The miniature Christmas village is the English equivalent of the Pennsylvania Dutch word " putz ." Specifically, the Pennsylvania Dutch word originally specified the nati (MORE)
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What does the Yiddish word putzing along mean?

"Putz" dates from the early 20th Century and has two meanings: #1). A very unintelligent and unpleasant person. #2). A vulgar and offensive term for a penis. Knowing thes (MORE)
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What movie and television projects has Hans Putz been in?

Hans Putz has: Played Flori Reutner in "Arlberg-Express" in 1948. Played Praterbesucher Ferdl in "Rosen der Liebe" in 1949. Played Martin Schalanter - beider Sohn in "Das vier (MORE)
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What movie and television projects has Marty Putz been in?

Marty Putz has: Played himself in "Friday Night Live" in 1988. Played himself in "Comic Strip Live" in 1989. Played himself in "Everyday with Joan Lunden" in 1989. Played hims (MORE)