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What is a lenticular puzzle?

A lenticular puzzle is a jigsaw puzzle that you put together, and it also has a 3-d effect when you look at it.
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What is a rebus puzzle?

They are basically riddles made into puzzles. Word Picture Puzzles. For example: HEAD HEALS Answer is Head over heals MOMANON Answer is Man on the moon 1.Glance 2. 3.Glance An (MORE)
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Who dies puzzle?

There is not a way to die a puzzle. A puzzle can only be put  together.
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A puzzle that is a no brainer is?

  Are you in Room 30? If not, then that's all right. I think the right answer is a) impossible to work out.
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What is the puzzle place?

the puzzle place is a show for a young audience about 7 kids- julie, jody, kiki, leon, skye, ben, and kyle (who was added later in the series)- who are all part of a club base (MORE)

Why were puzzles invented?

That depends on what type of puzzle you mean. Please feel free to  ask the question again and include more detail.    Puzzles were invented for fun - the point of any (MORE)

What is the password for the red pyramid puzzle?

To figure it out on your own i would suggest trying the non-webcam solution first the anwer is this: Sadie went to the shrine and remembered the symbol of life
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