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What is school record?

A school record is the persons schooling history. It includes their  grades, missed days, personal information, and their reprimands.

What is a farm record?

a farm record is a book for recording farming activities. it is recorded by a farmer or his workers
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What is silver record gold record platinum record?

  I am pretty sure a silver record is 100,000 or 250,000 sold...Gold is 500,000 sold and platinum is 1,000,000 sold
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What is a franchise record?

A franchise record is a record that is just on a team not in the NFL
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How can you get a record deal from Hollywood records?

You need to get an agent. Do you sing? Duhh you do. You NEED to write songs, you can't cover everything. Song Criteria: 1. Harmony 2. Music 3. Your Voice 4. Your Lyr (MORE)

A recordable accident is?

A recordable accident must result in death, absences from an  employer, transfer of job, job restrictions, medical treatment  beyond first aid, or the loss of consciousness. (MORE)
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What is the record for discus?

The men's world record for the discus throw is held by Jurgen Schult of Germany with a throw of 74.08 meters in 1986.   The women's world record for the discus throw is hel (MORE)
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What is the record noun and the record verb?

The noun record (pronounced rec  ord) is a word for a thing constituting a piece of evidence about  the past in physical form; the sum of the past achievements or  performa (MORE)

When are Expenses recorded?

There are two treatments of expenses as per type of accounting  system:    In Accrual System:    Expenses are recorded when actual expenses occurred and not whe (MORE)