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What is pyorrhea?

PYORRHEA DEFINITION . \nPYORRHEA IS A discharge of pus (short simple answer). Commonly, when we talk about "pyorrhea", we are refering to a dental disease. In it's advanc ( Full Answer )
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Which is the homeopathic medicine for pyorrhea?

Homeopathic medicine may help to strengthen the enamel and fightinflammation. This should be coupled with proper dental hygiene andsupport from a dentist.
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Do you have pyorrhea?

I did have it which resulted in teeth being removed, bad diet and too much brushing caused my downfall.
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How is Pyorrhea linked to Diabetes Type 1?

Pyorrhea, or periodontal disease, is only related to Type 1 Diabetes, and is not directly linked to it being the cause of Type 1 Diabetes or vice versa. Periodontal disease ( Full Answer )
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Is pyorrhea gum disease hereditary?

yes. My dad had it at age 38 and now I have it at age 38. My dads mom also had it in her middle 30s.
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What is the treatment for pyorrhea and bad smelling gums?

Most gum problems can be prevented. This includes regular brushing, flossing, and in many cases, gentle oral irrigation to remove plaque and bacteria at and below the gumline. ( Full Answer )