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What is the length of the Pyrenees?

According to,, and, the mountain range is 270 miles long. Some travel  sites have it as 305 miles long, but I would go wi (MORE)

What is the Pyrenees republic?

The Pyrenees are a European mountain range. France is a republic, in which the northern portion of the Pyrenees are located. Spain, where their southern portion is located, is (MORE)

What is the jaw pressure of a great Pyrenees?

    Great Pyrenees have a bite pressure of 900 pounds per square inch... they could sever a grown man's spine in one bite.
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Which country is in the Pyrenees Mountain range?

The Pyrenees Mountains are partly in France and Partly in Spain. However, Andorra is to be found between the two and is entirely in the Pyrenees.
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How long will a great Pyrenees roam for?

  Both of my GPs are rescues, and both were found roaming. My answer is that they will roam until rescued or found or injured. There are so many of these dogs in rescue or (MORE)
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What Industries Are In The Pyrenees?

The types of industries in the Pyrenees depend on which of the  three sectors of the area people live in. These industries are  agriculture in the primary sector, food produ (MORE)