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What is the best hotel in Qingdao China?

Best Hotels in Qingdao, China  Shangri-La Hotel located in Qingdao's business centre is considered among the best hotels to explore the city's beaches and European cultural h (MORE)

Where is qingdao?

Qingdao (or known as TSINGDAO) is a city located in China. Qingdao has many beautiful sites. It is in the Eastern part of China. Korea lies just across from Qingdao but separa (MORE)

How can I rent an apartment in Qingdao?

There are several Expat run real estate agencies in the city. There are also loads of Chinese run real estate agencies, but most of them do not speak English. Some of the top (MORE)

Who colonized Qingdao in China?

Qingdao was colinized by Germany sometime in 1898. They were able to get the land because two of their missionries was killed by a secret socity. China got Germany to sign a c (MORE)

Where is Qingdao must have belonged to China?

Qingdao is located in China, it is in Shandong province in the north east part of China. Beijing is about 1 hour by plane to the north and Shanghai is about 1 hour by plane to (MORE)
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Younger Chinese school becomes the test center of HKC in Qingdao?

After holding the examination in Tianjin, and Shanghai last year , it has also been set up in June in Qingdao this year. Success(Younger) Chinese Education Center had the hono (MORE)