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What is a quadrilateral?

A quadrilateral is a four-sided figure that has straight sides and no curves. It can be a square and any shape that has four sides that connect, hence four angles and four ver ( Full Answer )
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Area of quadrilateral?

To find the area of a quadrilateral, multiply the length and widthof the figure. The product will give you the area of the figure.
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Is a trapezoid a quadrilateral?

Yes . A trapezoid has four sides, and hence, is aquadrilateral. * The US definition of a trapezoid has one set of parallel sides.In the UK, this is called a trapezium.
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What are quadrilateral?

A quadrilateral is a closed plane (2-dimensional) shape bounded by four straight lines that meet at four vertices.
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Why is a trapezoid a quadrilateral but a quadrilateral is not a trapezoid?

For the same reason that a cat is an animal but an animal is not always a cat. Because a trapezoid is a special kind of quadrilateral. A quadrilateral is anything with fou ( Full Answer )
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Are quadrilateral parallelgrams?

they can be but dont have to be a square is a parallelogram but trapezoid is not
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What quadrilateral not a parallelogram?

There is no one type. Examples of quadrilaterals that are not parallelograms are trapezoids and kites.
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What is the quadrilateral equation?

A quadrilateral is the name for any polygon that has 4 sides. It is not an equation.
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Is triangle is quadrilateral?

A triangle is not a quadrilateral. A quadrilateral consists of four sides, and a triangle only has three.
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Are all quadrilaterals cyclic quadrilaterals?

No, one example is a kite that DOES NOT have two right angles. It is not a cyclic quadrilateral. A kite that does have two right angles is one.