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What was a quagga?

The quagga was a recently extinct subspecies of the Plains Zebra. Indigenous to South Africa, it once roamed Cape Province and parts of South Africa in great numbers.. Unlike (MORE)

How did the Quaggas get extinct?

The quaggas, which were found in South Africa, are an extinctsubspecies of the plains zebra. Their extinction is probablylargely due to their limited distribution. Also, they (MORE)
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How did the quagga look?

The quagga was a sub-species of the Plains Zebra. Unlike other zebras, with their full-body black and white stripes, the quagga was striped only on the front part of its body, (MORE)

Why are quaggas extinct?

As with most extinct animals, humans are to blame for the quaggas'extinction. This animal was ruthlessly hunted for its meat andskin.
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How as a quagga evolved?

The Quagga's distinct coat pattern perhaps evolved rapidly becauseof geographical isolation or adaptation to a drier enviroment.
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Why are quaggas extinted?

In 1800's' european settlers shot all the quaggas in the wild as they posed a threat to the farmers live stock .it was also killed for sport meat and for its exotic hidd.THE l (MORE)

When was the quagga founded?

The Quagga was an animal that was discovered when Europeans first went to Africa. They are now extinct.