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What are qualities?

quality. an essential or distinctive characteristic, property, orattribute: the chemical qualities of alcohol. character ornature, as belonging to or distinguishing a thing (MORE)
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What is your qualities?

Your qualities are the attributes that allow an employer to see ifyou are a good fit for a position and the company. Good qualitiesin education provide a glimpse into an indiv (MORE)
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Qualities of quality analyst?

A quality analyst assesses the behavior of the workers or agents.This is done by listening to calls and ensuring that protocol isfollowed, as well as congeniality.
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What are the qualities you have?

Everybody has their own specialties. We're ALL DIFFERENT. Say, one person could have a specialty for advertising, and one may have a talent at the computer for finances! We're (MORE)
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Quality assurance and quality control?

Quality assurance is the process of detecting defects as productsare being developed. Quality control is the act of detectingdefects in already made products.
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What is quality in quality control?

Defining quality is tough, and it depends on what you are talkingabout. Quality on this site might have to do with answers thatactually address the question and that are accur (MORE)
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What is food quality and cooking quality?

The quality of the food deals with the ingredients, textures and flavors of the food, the combination of which determines what it tastes like. Cooking quality involves the (MORE)