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What are the qualities of staff?

The qualities of a good staff include the ability to work as a  team, they can communicate effectively and they have the ability to  get the job done. It is hard to find an (MORE)
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What are the qualities of water?

Good quality drinking water has four qualities. They are a pH of 9  or above, an electron potential of -1mV or bigger, has less than 5  or 6 molecules in a water cluster and (MORE)

Qualities of quality analyst?

A quality analyst assesses the behavior of the workers or agents.  This is done by listening to calls and ensuring that protocol is  followed, as well as congeniality.
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What are the quality control qualities?

testing of products to uncover defeats,reporting to management who made the decision to allow or deny the release
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What is Quality?

A job completed properly with proper time Agreed. Or, Well made, good, dependable, superior
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What are qualities of Thomasites?

The Thomasites were American teachers who were sent to establish  public schools in the Philippines. They possessed a sense of  adventure and eagerness to teach.
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What are qualities?

quality. an essential or distinctive characteristic, property, or  attribute: the chemical qualities of alcohol. character or  nature, as belonging to or distinguishing a th (MORE)