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What is Quality costumer service?

Answer Quality Costumer Service is when a customer walks out of the costume shop, happy that they received a well-fitting costume from a polite and observant costumer, wit (MORE)

What is service quality?

Service quality is comprised of five dimensions. These are:   * Reliability: ability to perform the promised service depedably and accurately.  * Responsiveness: willingne (MORE)
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What is a service quality?

Service quality is the extent to which the company achieves the following: Reliability: how trustworthy and helpful they are in providing service when needed to their customer (MORE)

What are the five dimensions of service quality?

. Broad Dimensions of Service Quality: n Reliability - perform promised service dependably and accurately n Responsiveness - willingness/readiness to provide prompt servi (MORE)

What is quality dental service?

Something you will recognize if you are not getting it! Really. If you are not being treated with the best of care, treatment, and being informed and all your questions not an (MORE)

What is quality service responsibility?

the quality servibe responsivbility is the responsibility to provide quality service no matter what kind of organization you are working in. It may be hospitality or for a 5 s (MORE)