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What is a province?

Province describes a political or geographic area smaller than  nation, but larger than district or city. A province is roughly  equivalent to a state. For example:   "I (MORE)

What province is Canada in?

Canada is a country. Therefore, it is not within a province. Instead, it contains provinces. The provinces of Canada are (from east to west): Newfoundland and LabradorPrinc (MORE)

What are the coordinates of Hill 362 Quang Tri Vietnam?

  Airmen's maps are in degrees. Civilian maps go by TS (Townships). US Army ground maps go by grid coordinates. Quick Town-GI slang for Quang Tri, is in I Corps; QL (Highw (MORE)

What is another name of the Hill 362 - Quang Tri - Vietnam?

  Probably, the most famous hill in the QT area is the "Rockpile" just off of Highway 9 (QL 9). Moving west from QT on Hwy 9 (was a dirt road in the war), pass old Firebas (MORE)
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What province is the official bilingual province?

New Brunswick - bilingual Quebec - French The Rest - English ---------------------- If there is only one bilingual it is Manitoba in the centre of Canada. It is the offic (MORE)

Does Scotland have provinces?

Scotland does not have "Provinces" or "Counties". For  administrative purposes, Scotland is divided into 32 local council  areas, similar to counties, these include East Ayr (MORE)