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Definition of quanta?

Photons, because higher frequencies have more energy higher frequency light is more energetic. Flames are simply excited electron releasing energy in the form of light. Energy (MORE)
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What are quanta?

Quantum is singular. A quantum is a single electromagnetic particle (light particle) when light is being considered a particle and not a wave, sometimes also referred to as a (MORE)
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What is quanta theory?

Quantum theory deals with the behavior and characteristics ofenergy and matter on the atomic and subatomic level. Quanta is theplural form of quantum.
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What does quanta mean?

Probably a mis-spelling of "quanta". This is the plural of "quantum" - the idea, in quantum theory, that many quantities in our Universe can't be subdivided indefinitely, but (MORE)
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Who Owns Quantas?

Most of it is owned by the company Qantas Airways Ltd. 36.3% (as of 2010) is owned by foreigners. It also has several subsidiaries: . QantasLink Jetstar Airways Jetconn (MORE)
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What is quanta of energy?

Quanta of energy, according to Planck's quantum theory, are small packets of energy which is transferred from one body to another, They are how the energy is present in nature (MORE)
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How are quanta emitted?

Quanta is a word that is used in the world of physics. Quanta are discreet packets through which electromagnetic energy is emitted or absorbed. Quantization was first discover (MORE)
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What is the energy of quanta?

A quantum can have almost any energy. For example, light comes in pieces or quanta (the photons), but the individual pieces (photons) can have any energy, from near zero to an (MORE)