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What is a ap quantity?

"As purchased" quantity when costing a recipe. This is not to be confused with "as served or "edible portion." When calculating the amount of food needed for a recipe you hav (MORE)
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What is ventor quantity?

  A vector quantity includes direction. Velocity is as it includes direction. Speed is not. Force is. Acceleration is as it is a derivative of velovity.
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What is the quantity MM?

MM stands for millimeter in unit of length and distance and  conversion .it stands for millimeters.
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What is a scalar quantity?

Scalars are quantities that have magnitude only; they are  independent of direction. Conversely, vectors have both  magnitude and direction.    A scalar quantity is a (MORE)

What quantity is a Google?

10100 (a one with 100 zeros behind it) example: 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 A google-plex is a on (MORE)

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What is concrete quantity?

It is typically measures in cubic yards. Anything over 2 cubic yards is a lot of mixing, so you'd likely want to order that from a concrete company in a ready mix concrete tru (MORE)
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What is provisional quantities?

These are quantities included in the BoQ for works whose nature and scope cannot be entirely foreseen or defined at the time of tendering. The principle and purpose are simila (MORE)
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What is physical quantity?

  a physical quantity is either within physics that can be measured (eg:mass,volume) or the result of a measurement.a physical quantity is usually expressed as the product (MORE)