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What are the fundamental quantity?

The fundamental units are those of the SI system - The  unit of Temperature, Kelvin; of Time, the second;  of Mass, Kilogram; of brightness, the Candela; of  physical quant (MORE)
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How do you calculate quantity?

It depends on what is being calculated? Basically, a collection of  something is counted as 1, 2, 3, and so on, to give a total. A  simple instance is in counting loose two (MORE)
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What are quantity pronouns?

Quantity pronouns are a group of indefinite pronouns used for an unknown or unnamed amount; for example: We have enough.You may have some.Few will come in the rain.Several ha (MORE)

What are the types of quantities?

    there are two types of quantities - Scalars and vectors.     Scalars are quantities which intrinsically have the property of magnitude only.     (MORE)

What is concrete quantity?

It is typically measures in cubic yards. Anything over 2 cubic yards is a lot of mixing, so you'd likely want to order that from a concrete company in a ready mix concrete tru (MORE)
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What is physical quantity?

  a physical quantity is either within physics that can be measured (eg:mass,volume) or the result of a measurement.a physical quantity is usually expressed as the product (MORE)

What is quantity demanded?

Quantity demanded (QS) is the amount of a product or service wanted  by the market. QS is corresponded to quantity supplied (QS) that  regards how much of the what is wanted (MORE)

What is nominal quantity?

A nominal quantity is one that is represented in current dollars,  that is, without inflation effect.   A quantity that accounts for inflation effects is called a "real" (MORE)
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How do you scale a quantity?

i think you mean a scaler quantity. a scaler quantity is something that is measured without a directional component to it. ie. mass, temperature, speed it could be negat (MORE)