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What is Quantum Mechanics about?

It's the study of very small particles... so small that quantization becomes a noticeable factor in their behavior. Adding to the answer above you would also see quantum beh (MORE)
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What are quantum physics?

Quantum physics are the laws used to govern the goings on in the realm of the micro because Newtonian physics (the old physics) do not apply to this realm. Quantum mechanics a (MORE)

What is a quantum state and what is a quantum fluctuation?

A quantum state is exactly as it sounds. It is the state in which a system is prepared. For example, one could say they have a system of particles and at time, t=(some number) (MORE)

What is law of quantum energy and quantum mass?

In the universe energy, matter and go as per quantum. Energy is released in quantum of photon. Electron has a quantum mass. Proton has quantum mass. Both has a quantum charge. (MORE)
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What is Quantum jumping?

A quantum jump is a term sometimes used for the change of an electron from one quantum state to another within an atom. These jumps cause emission of electromagnetic radiation (MORE)

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What is quantum psychic?

It is a person who combines hard sciences (mathematics, physics, psychology, addictions, human response, etc.) with the metaphysically. It primarily focuses on statistical beh (MORE)

Is there any exsistence of particle that can obey both quantum mechanics as well as statistical mechanics simultaneously?

Quantum mechanics deals with things on the atomic and subatomic level. Statistical mechanics deals with large systems, on the order of 10^23 particles. So those are currently (MORE)