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What is a quark?

Quarks are building blocks for subatomic particles. They are considered to be fundamental particles, and are thus not made up of other particles. Quarks bind together with glu (MORE)

What are quarks?

Quarks are any of a group of subatomic particles thought to be among the fundamental constituents of matter more specifically, of protons and neutrons. The concept of the qu (MORE)

What is quarks?

Q:What happens when quarks and anti-quarks collide?   A: They explode, same with protons and anti-protons, neutrons and anti-neutrons, electrons and positrons.
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What is the size of a quark?

Like all sub-atomic particles, quarks do not have a radius in any meaningful sense. In other words, they are NOT like ball bearings for which you can say, "At this distance fr (MORE)

What can a quark do?

a quark is a fundamental constituent of matter. It is what makes up protons and neutrons and there is nothing smaller than them. They cannot DO anything alone, merely make up (MORE)
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Who is Quark?

If you meant to ask what is a quark, it's one of the basic elementary particles in what physicists refer to as the Standard Model. Electrons and neutrinos, as well as certain (MORE)
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Do electrons have quarks?

No, Electrons are called Leptons, and Quarks are different than Leptons. Look up the STANDARD MODEL OF PARTICLE PHYSICS. im sure it will help you.
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Why are quarks known as quarks?

Physicist Murray Gell-Mann coined the term "quark" for what was then referred to as a parton. The name is a literary reference to James Joyce's book Finnegans Wake: Three q (MORE)