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What are leptons and quarks?

Hadrons, examples of which are protons and neutrons, are made up of different combinations of the six "flavors" of quarks, which are up, down, strange, charm, top and bottom. (MORE)

How were quarks discovered?

Quarks were discovered by using particle accelerators to smash subatomic particles. These particle accelerators, beginning with the machine at the Stanford Linear Accelerator (MORE)

What is a quark?

Quarks are building blocks for subatomic particles. They are considered to be fundamental particles, and are thus not made up of other particles. Quarks bind together with glu (MORE)

What are valence quarks?

The quarks which determine the quantum numbers of hadrons are called valence quarks; apart from these, any hadron may contain an indefinite number of virtual (or sea) quarks, (MORE)

What is inside a quark?

Although there are some theories, it is not confirmed that quarks are made up of smaller particles - nor is there any consensus that this is even likely,but scientist predict (MORE)
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Who is Quark?

If you meant to ask what is a quark, it's one of the basic elementary particles in what physicists refer to as the Standard Model. Electrons and neutrinos, as well as certain (MORE)

What are quarks?

Quarks are any of a group of subatomic particles thought to be among the fundamental constituents of matter more specifically, of protons and neutrons. The concept of the qu (MORE)

Why are quarks important?

Well, the up and down Quark make Protons and Neutrons. Protons and Neutrons make atoms. Atoms make matter. Almost everything we see is made out of matter. If there where no qu (MORE)