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What is the summary of The Quarrel?

Two estranged friends - one a rabbi, and the other, an agnostic writer- are compelled to resume an argument that caused a separation between the pair many years earlier, after ( Full Answer )
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What is quarrel?

To quarrel means to fight. quar·rel 1    /ˈkwɔrəl, ˈkwɒr-/ Show Spelled [kwawr-uhl, kwor-] Show IPA noun, verb,-reled, -rel·ing or (especi ( Full Answer )
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Who had a quarrel?

Since I can quarrel if estan fulfilling a traanferencia in this bank supposedly the master of the compania tesco goes is necessary to realize a transfer for alliance bank plc ( Full Answer )
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What is a sentence for quarreled?

Beth always felt unhappy when she quarreled with her sister, Ruth, because the arguments never reflected how much they loved each other.
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Who did Eros quarrel with?

His most famous quarrel was with Aphrodite, his mother. She was jealous of Psyche's beauty and asked Eros to make Psyche fall in love with something hideous, but by a mistake ( Full Answer )
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How do you spell quarreling?

Both spellings "quarreling" and "quarrelling" are recognized by the dictionary - the spelling with a single L is the spelling most popular in American English, while the spell ( Full Answer )
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What is a lover's quarrel?

A lover's quarrel is when two people who love each other argue over a certain subject and later they make up and all is right with the world until their next lover's quarrel.
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What is a lovers quarrel?

A lovers quarrel is when both people really love each other but end up in an argument. Tempers may flare and words that should never be said are, but later when things calm do ( Full Answer )
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Is quarrel an adjective?

No, it is a verb (to fight, to argue) or noun (a conflict orargument). Related adjectives are quarreling or quarrelsome.
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Does quarrel mean?

The word quarrel refers to a disagreement or argument betweenpeople who are on good terms with one another.