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What is Quartering?

Lodging for troops, the British passed an act in 1765, called the Quartering Act. This forced the colonist to house them in Inns, and stables, plus they had to be fed too, all ( Full Answer )
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What is a quarter?

One quarter = 1/4 (one fourth) It's also the name of the 25¢ coin in the US and Canada, becausethat amount is one fourth of a dollar
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Why is the quarter a quarter?

The coin called a quarter is called a quarter because its value is a quarter of a dollar (25 cents times 4 equals 100 cents) The quarter denomination is the only one that d ( Full Answer )
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What did the quartering do?

Quartering is cacca in a room full of peee ur face turns into caca when u enter it and the it makes ur but go wild
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What is quarter plus semi quarter?

A semi-quarter is ½ of ¼. Then, a semi-quarter is 1/8. The expression is then: ¼ + 1/8 Determine the LCD of the expression, which is 8. Then: ¼ * 2/2 + 1/8 = 2 ( Full Answer )
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What is quarter to and quarter past mean?

Time on a clock quarter = quarter of an hour = 60/4 = 15 minutes example, quarter to three = 2:45 quarter past three = 3:45 Also half past two in some countries is referred a ( Full Answer )
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How many quarters are in one and quarter?

One and a quarter is 1 and 1/4 = 5/4 To find the number of quarters divide 5/4 by 1/4 (5/4)/(1/4) = 20/4 = 10/2 = 5