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Where can you watch TV serials online?

You can watch TV serials online on your TV Channel website. Many TV channel websites provides online facility to enjoy favorite episodes free.
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Why in these days TV serials are regressive?

Presuming you are Indian and asking about Indian TV serials (because only Indian TV serials has become more and more regressive now a days), I have the same question. I too ha (MORE)

You want Gemini tv serial Ramayana?

sir,i had seen all the episodes of ramayana played in gemini i was so interested to watch it any time.i cannot get the videos.please help me how i will yes, can i see th (MORE)
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Maziya Priyala Preet Kalena marathi tv serial?

Here's the whole song: Gheuna yeshil kovale rutu sugandhi saath he Naveen bhasha konati nazar kahi bolati Sarya sariya mazhyach pashi, chimb tu hoina Mazhiya Priyala Preet Kal (MORE)

How can you get role in tv serial?

1. Ace and audition, get a call back and ace that as well. You might be sent in to read for the role by your agent or by the casting director who has seen you for other roles (MORE)