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How did Queen Anne become queen?

Her father absented himself during the 'glorious revolution' and was deemed to have abdicated. Anne's brother-in-law and her sister (William and Mary) ascended the throne. Wil (MORE)

Who was queen anne Boleyn related to?

Anne Boleyn (c1501 - 1536), the second wife of Henry VIII (1491 - 1547), was the cousin of Henry's fifth wife, Catherine Howard (c1520 - 1542), and they were both nieces of th (MORE)

What were Anne Boleyn's accomplishments as Queen?

Anne Boleyn had many accomplishments in her life and during her short reign as Queen of England. Some of these are as follow: -gave birth to Queen Elizabeth I, the :virgin q (MORE)

Who succeeded Queen Anne?

  Queen Anne was succeded by George 1st. George I, 1704-1727. He was from Hannover, and never learnt to speak English.   George I. He was from Hanover, and the regents (MORE)

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How long was Anne Boleyn queen for?

  Anne Boleyn   Anne Boleyn was the second of King Henry VIII's six wives.   As the wife of the King, she was Queen Consort - not the same as being Queen in her own (MORE)

Did Queen Elizabeth 1 miss anne Boleyn?

Of course she did. Anne Boleyn was a beautiful, intelligent woman. Without Anne, Elizabeth wouldn't have been who she was. Anne was beheaded on May 19, 1536 for treason and ad (MORE)

How long did Queen Anne rule?

Anne Boleyn never "ruled", her husband King Henry VIII did, but she was his queen consort for three years and 3 months from her coronation as queen consort in May 1533 till h (MORE)
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Who was Queen Anne of Scotland?

Anne, Queen of Scots was the monarch of Scotland , Ireland and England and consequently the monarch of Great Britain after the union of Scotland and England in 1707.
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