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What pet did Queen Elizabeth II have?

Queen Elizabeth II had a Pembroke Corgi dog named Susan as a pet.  The pet was given to her on her 18th birthday. Others were bred  from her. Today (2015) she has two corgis (MORE)

Did Queen Elizabeth II have a horse?

Yes. Over her life and reign she has owned many horses, but her  favourite was one named Burmese.
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What accent does Queen Elizabeth II have?

As a young woman, she spoke like her mother in the traditional accent of the English aristocracy. Since then - perhaps without her realizing - her speech has become more like (MORE)

What are Queen Elizabeth II titles?

Her Majesty's Canadian title The title of Her Majesty the Queen of Canada, pursuant to s. 2 of the Royal Style and Titles Act is as follows: Elizabeth the Second, by the Grace (MORE)

What is Queen Elizabeth II lastname?

Well, if she were common, I suppose her name might be Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor Mountbatten. her last name is Windsor, officially
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If Queen Elizabeth I was a virgin queen then how is there a Queen Elizabeth II?

Monarchs choose which of their names they wish to be known by, not by family or dynasty. The present Queen of the United Kingdom is Elizabeth II because she is the second pers (MORE)

Why is Queen Elizabeth II queen?

Queen Elizabeth II is queen because the Act of Settlement (1701) provides that since the death of Queen Anne and William III, the senior descendant of the Electress Sophia of (MORE)

Who is Elizabeth II the queen of Australia?

Elizabeth II is the sovereign of all the Commonwealth Realms, which are the UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Jamaica and 11 more. So she is the head of state of all those c (MORE)