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What is a queer?

The word queer has traditionally meant "strange" or "unusual," butcurrently it is also often used in reference to gay, bisexual,transgender, intersex, and asexual communities. (MORE)

What does queer mean?

"Queer" is a very stereotypical and slang term referring to someone (particularly a male) as being homosexual or gay. Answer 2: The term Queer is now also used for indi (MORE)
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What is the queer theory?

Queer theory grew out of several disciplines including philosophy,women's studies, and gay and lesbian studies. Queer theory isfounded in poststructuralism and postmodernism i (MORE)

What is a queer male?

\n. \n. \na queer male is like a gay......\n. \nA queer male basically implies a third gender male, that is a feminine gendered or an effeminate male.\n. \nAlthough, a que (MORE)

Who is queer?

People who identify as queer are a range of people that include Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered, and intersex people, as well as asexuals and pansexual people.

What is a gender queer?

It's someone who does not feel internally that they identify with either gender. Sex is hard wired, gender is too. But just like you can get ambiguous genitalia and chr (MORE)

What is queering?

It is a verb form of the word queer, meaning to make more queer. Depending how it is used, it can be offensive. It can be a derogatory phrase for the increase of gay culture i (MORE)