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What does A quelle ecole vas tu mean?

A - to quelle - which ecole - school vas - second person singular: go tu - you (second person singular). It's vas-tu (inversion) 'cause it's a question. à quelle école va (MORE)

What is the Quarter Quell in Catching Fire?

A Quarter Quell is a special Hunger Games that takes place every  twenty five years. By special, I mean that they put a twist on  these Games. When the Hunger Games were fir (MORE)

What is a quarter quell?

The Quarter Quell is a year in Panem where children get sent into the Hunger Games, just like every time, but it is also different: Every 25 years (which is a quarter), they c (MORE)

What is quelle domage?

Quelle domage means "too bad" or "what a pity." Example: Tu ne peux pas aller avec moi? Quelle dommage. You're not able to go with me? Too bad.
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Use quell in a sentence?

To quell the infant's crying, the mother rocked him gently. The king sent soldiers out into the crowd to quell the riots. Our supervisor called a meeting in order to quell rum (MORE)

Who survived the quarter quell in Catching Fire?

This a SPOILER ALERT! There was a number of people who survived, most of whom was in alliance with Pultarch and Haymitch. There was of Katniss, Peeta(that was soon HIJACKED (MORE)

What does 'De quelle couleur est mon chien' mean?

The sentence 'De quelle couleur est mon chien' asks What color is my dog ? In the word-by-word translation, the preposition 'de' means 'from, of'. The interrogative adjective (MORE)