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A quelle heure?

Assuming you want that translated into English, it's French for "at what time?"--"when?" in standard English.
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What is quelle domage?

Quelle domage means "too bad" or "what a pity." Example: Tu ne peux pas aller avec moi? Quelle dommage. You're not able to go with me? Too bad.
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Is quell a bird in North Carolina?

There is no bird named a quell . There are several species of quail (small game bird) that live in North Carolina.
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What is the Quarter Quell in Catching Fire?

A Quarter Quell is a special Hunger Games that takes place everytwenty five years. By special, I mean that they put a twist onthese Games. When the Hunger Games were first inv (MORE)

What is a quarter quell?

The Quarter Quell is a year in Panem where children get sent into the Hunger Games, just like every time, but it is also different: Every 25 years (which is a quarter), they c (MORE)

What does quelle mean?

It's the feminine form of quel which means which Which house is yours? - Quelle maison est à vous ?
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What rhymes with quell?

Words that rhyme with quell include smell, tell, fell, shell, sell, retell . Also the words shall and pal and gel .
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What is the definition of quelle?

Quelle is the French word for which. For example 'C'est quelle femme', would be translated as 'which woman is that'. It is derived from the Latin word quello.
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