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What is quelle domage?

Quelle domage means "too bad" or "what a pity." Example: Tu ne peux pas aller avec moi? Quelle dommage. You're not able to go with me? Too bad.
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Use quell in a sentence?

To quell the infant's crying, the mother rocked him gently. The king sent soldiers out into the crowd to quell the riots. Our supervisor called a meeting in order to quell rum (MORE)
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'quelle est votre nationalité'?

Ca veut dire "what is your nationality". Il doit etre une question qu'on interoge aux situations qu'on se voit pour la premiere fois.

What is a quarter quell?

The Quarter Quell is a year in Panem where children get sent into the Hunger Games, just like every time, but it is also different: Every 25 years (which is a quarter), they c (MORE)

What does quelle mean?

It's the feminine form of quel which means which Which house is yours? - Quelle maison est à vous ?
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