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What is a wildcard query?

It is a query that uses the wildcard characters * or ? to help represent characters. Wildcards are used as ways to represent things in many aspects of computers when you are s (MORE)

What is the difference between update query and append query?

Update queries modify information within a record at one or more fields at a time. Append queries copy complete records at a time, adding to the existing set of records in a (MORE)

What is a sql sub query?

  It is possible to embed a SQL statement within another. When this is done on the WHERE or the HAVING statements, we have a subquery construct.   The syntax is as foll (MORE)

What is a parameter query?

  a parameter query is a query that prompts the user to enter specific criteria every time the query is run. When building the query, you would enter the prompt in the cri (MORE)

What is a database query?

A database query is a piece of code (a query) that is sent to a database in order to get information back from the database. It is used as the way of retriving the information (MORE)

What is query Optimization?

Answer   Queries of a database can be fast or slow. Depends on a lot of things. The size of the table, the amount of data you are requesting from the query, etc.   One (MORE)

What is meant by query sheet?

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What is query expunge?

  It means that the mailbox can not be extended and that the calculated size of the mailbox *after* expunging is larger than its current size. The addition of mailbox (MORE)

What is a crosstab query in Access?

It is a query that returns the data in a tabular form, similar to a pivot table in a spreadsheet. There are headings across the top and down the side. A typical example would (MORE)

What does an object query do?

It queries an object for specified information, if the object knows  about that information the object returns the information if not  the object returns an error.
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