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What is a query?

Queries are essentially powerful Filters. Queries allow you to decide what fields or expressions are to be shown and what information to be sought. Queries are usually ba (MORE)

What is a parameter query?

a parameter query is a query that prompts the user to enter specific criteria every time the query is run. When building the query, you would enter the prompt in the criteria (MORE)

What are update queries?

Update queries can adjust the data. For example, say you wanted tochange a value through a database, like give every wage a 5%increase, you could use an update query. You can (MORE)

What is query and query language?

QL is an object-oriented query language used to retrieve data from relational database management systems. It is reminiscent of the standard query language SQL and the object (MORE)

What is ment by query?

Query is an instruction given to Database engine to retrieve the results. Example: Select EmployeeName From tblEmployees Where EmployeeID = 123; This is a sample query to (MORE)

How do you answer a query letter?

A polite response stating that the work has been received and is being reviewed is a good first answer. It should be followed up with either a positive or negative response wi (MORE)

What is the difference between an ''or'' query and an ''and'' query?

It is the same difference between an OR Boolean and AND Boolean. In an OR query, you are looking for something that matches one of several possible values, while in an AND que (MORE)

What is a wildcard query?

It is a query that uses the wildcard characters * or ? to help represent characters. Wildcards are used as ways to represent things in many aspects of computers when you are s (MORE)

What is Criteria of the Query?

The criteria is a set of filters that will be applied to the result set. For example, a user might want to find all rows in a table that have the first name "John", or find al (MORE)

What is query tree?

To understand however the rule system works it's necessary to understand once it's invoked and what its input and results square measure. The rule system is found between th (MORE)