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What is Query explorer?

query explorer, is a "virus" that changes the default browser in your system, it can often slow it down. I deleted it from my laptop by going to add/uninstall and uninstallati (MORE)

What is a wildcard query?

It is a query that uses the wildcard characters * or ? to help represent characters. Wildcards are used as ways to represent things in many aspects of computers when you are s (MORE)

What are audit queries?

Audit queries are questions asked by an auditor during an  investigation. These may be used to gather information to come to a  conclusion in the audit.

What is an action query?

An action query is one that makes some adjustments to your database or the data. It would include things like queries that delete records, update records, create tables and s (MORE)

What is a parameter query?

  a parameter query is a query that prompts the user to enter specific criteria every time the query is run. When building the query, you would enter the prompt in the cri (MORE)

What is a database query?

A database query is a piece of code (a query) that is sent to a database in order to get information back from the database. It is used as the way of retriving the information (MORE)

What is query Optimization?

Answer   Queries of a database can be fast or slow. Depends on a lot of things. The size of the table, the amount of data you are requesting from the query, etc.   One (MORE)

What is a query?

Queries are essentially powerful Filters. Queries allow you to decide what fields or expressions are to be shown and what information to be sought. Queries are usually ba (MORE)

What is query expunge?

  It means that the mailbox can not be extended and that the calculated size of the mailbox *after* expunging is larger than its current size. The addition of mailbox (MORE)

What does an object query do?

It queries an object for specified information, if the object knows  about that information the object returns the information if not  the object returns an error.
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