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Interview question do you have any questions?

mostly when you go to a interview these are the common questions to be asked .. INTERVIEW QUESTIONS 1.Types of Questions Open-ended QuestionsClosed-ended QuestionsHypothet (MORE)

What is questioning?

A question may be either a linguistic expression used to make a  request for information.
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What are some funny questions and what is the answer to that question?

Have you seen a monkey? Answer- Oh! Just now, it's wonderful! Q2-  Do you know how to swim? Answer- Never ever tried to sink yet!  Question 3- How do you feel when you are h (MORE)
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What is a question?

The question above is an example of a question, which is usually a  request for information, and is marked by a question mark. The official definition for the word question i (MORE)

How do you answer tag question?

Negative tags expect a yes answer. I have met you before, haven't I? (expects a yes answer) Positive tags expect a no answer. I haven't met you before, have I? (expects a n (MORE)

What are questions?

Questions are communications that solicit information, clarification, or opinions about a certain subject. Not all questions require an answer, and not all questions have a (MORE)
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Are there any questions or is there any questions?

Are there any questions is correct. Is would be if you were talking  about one thing; like Is there a question rather than are there any  questions.
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