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What does quibble mean?

Answer cavil. . To Debate or Argue. As in 'quibble over the price of the car'.. improved . type of arguing that avoids central point by bringing up irrational details
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What does 'no quibble' mean?

- make trivial objections: to argue over unimportant things and make petty objections - petty objection: an unimportant distinction or petty objection
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How do you get to quibbles shop?

use shop codes(if you know any)or just wait till a lord of chaos is coming quibble comes then :)
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Can you write a sentence for the word quibble?

Yes, actually you can but you have to make sure you use the word correctly, in which quibble means arguing. You can say, they're always quibbling about the amount they owe, or (MORE)
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What does the word quibble mean?

Quibble has 2 means. One of the meanings is related to it being used as a noun and it means a slight objection. The other way quibble can be used is as a verb where the meanin (MORE)
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Is quibble a noun?

Yes, the word 'quibble' is both a verb and a noun . The noun 'quibble' is a word for a slight objection orcriticism; a word for a thing. The verb 'quibble' is to find fault (MORE)