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Who discovered quicksilver?

Quicksilver is another name for the element Mercury, and it has been in use for various purposes both medicinal and industrial since as early as 1500BC. We know this as it has (MORE)

What does a messenger do?

A messenger is a person that takes something important to another person or company within a given time frame and makes sure that there is no damage to the product or document (MORE)
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How fast is quicksilver?

Originally capable of running at the speed of sound; 768 mph Yes he is originally capable of running the speed of sound, but at one point, he was captured by the High Evolut (MORE)

Why is mercury called quicksilver?

"Because it's silver in color, and runs quickly thru your fingers."     Actually, this is not correct. Contrary to popular belief, it is  not called quicksilver bec (MORE)
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What is quicksilver Mercury?

  Mercury is a transitional element in the periodic table. It is a metal, and one of only six elements that is liquid at room temperature, and the only metal that is liqui (MORE)
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How can you kill Quicksilver?

Quicksiver can be killed by two things,that are : 1: By a magnet and 2: By a combination Laser and andamatanium(which will make him dust where ever he is located).
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