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Where can you get QuickTime 7?

  You can get QuickTime 7 here:   Be aware that the free version has different features than the one you have to pay for. The (MORE)

What can QuickTime be used for?

  Mostly, QuickTime is used for viewing video. The video can be streaming, from a CD/DVD, or stored on your hard drive. You can watch movies, streaming content, TV shows, (MORE)

How do you install quicktime?

Quick Time is easy to uninstall with its own uninstall program, but some users still find difficulty in uninstalling it. Especially when it's corrupted, Force Uninstall it wit (MORE)

Do you need quicktime?

You need it for viewing videos created with it. For example if you go to a website that is created with iweb (apples website software) videos will require quicktime to view th (MORE)
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Do you need Apple Quicktime?

certain videos will only play with quicktime. its always good to have any media player that you can on your computer, just in case you need one of em.
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What mov QuickTime?

QuickTime: 1. QuickTime media player 2. Video files with the extension .mov QuickTime is an extensible proprietary multimedia framework developed by Apple Inc., capable of (MORE)