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Where is Betelgeuse located on the H-R diagram?

Betelgeuse has a spectral type of M2lab signifying that it is a red class M star. the "lab" refers to it being an intermediate luminous supergiant. It has a luminosity of 140 (MORE)
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R-O-H is what functional group?

Hey i think it would be an alcohol because R is the representation used for and alkyl group and if we put a simple alkyl group in place of the R for example CH3 or C2H5 we get (MORE)
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What is a H-R diagram?

The Hertzsprung--Russell diagram (or H-R diagram) is a scatter graph of stars showing the relationship between the stars' absolute magnitudes or luminosity versus their spectr (MORE)

H and R Block ral loans?

A refund anticipation loan the borrowing of some of your possible expected refund amount before the IRS accepts your income tax refund as you filed it. For a short period of t (MORE)