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Are veterinarians union or non union?

There is no union for veterinarians (or most other medical professionals like medical doctors, pharmacists, etc.). Their professions are specialized requiring an exceptional (MORE)

What is a trade union?

It is a mediatory body which helps to settle disputes between workers and management. Additional answer A more likely purpose is that they fight for their members' rights an (MORE)

What is a union?

A union is the joining of two or more things.  Answer  A union is an organized labor association.   As in the union formed by the United States, as in an organized labor (MORE)

Who were the union?

In regards to?...(the civil war? workers unions? european union?) During the Civil War (of the United States); the country was divided into two major factions: The Union and T (MORE)

Formation of unions?

Unions are formed when workers of an industry get together to form  an alliance. This type of alliance has members who pay dues and in  return, they get certain protections (MORE)

What is the Soviet Union about?

The Soviet Union, also known as the the USSR (Union of SovietSocialist Republics) was a country where modern day Russia,including some other countrys, for example, Ukraine and (MORE)