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How do you introduce a rabbit to another rabbit?

First you should let them get to know each other from different cages because you do not want a fight going on, then once you think that they will be fine together you can put (MORE)

Do rabbits need to be with other rabbits?

Rabbits are social animals. In the wild, rabbits need to be with other rabbits or else they won't survive very long. Pet rabbits need society, too, although it doesn't have to (MORE)

Why is your rabbit licking you and not the other rabbits?

Rabbits display affection to other rabbits naturally by nibbling. By reacting to a rabbits nibbles by saying "ouch" or moving away, a rabbit senses it did something wrong. It (MORE)

How do you know your rabbit is a good rabbit?

you know that your rabbit is good for you when it starts licking you and warming up to and following you around the house when you let it out for a run all rabbits are good i (MORE)

What are rabbits for?

rabbits were origianly domesticated and bred in France for meat and fur. now, there are meat rabbits, fur rabbits, and rabbirs that are not good for either of these activities (MORE)

How do rabbits act with other rabbits?

Rabbits react to other rabbits in different ways, just like humans react to other humans in different ways, depending on the individuals involved. Spaying/neutering your rabb (MORE)

Can a rabbit heal another rabbit?

No, rabbits can't heal other rabbits. When a rabbit is sick or injured, it can be a great comfort and stress-reducer to be with his or her loved ones, but this alone will not (MORE)