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What is a rabbit?

Rabbits are mammals, that can be found in the wild, or kept aspets. Some wild rabbits can be quite vicious. A rabbit has long ears and powerful legs that are great forkicking, (MORE)

Where can you get a rabbit?

Depending on where you live, it's likely there's a few different places you could go to find a rabbit. This question is a bit of a hot topic, so you might want to spend some t (MORE)

What are rabbits for?

rabbits were origianly domesticated and bred in France for meat and fur. now, there are meat rabbits, fur rabbits, and rabbirs that are not good for either of these activities (MORE)

What are rabbit?

Rabbits are animals with long ears and fluffy tails. Also known as bunnies, there are lots of different breeds. Rabbits can be found in the wild and are also kept as pets.

Who is 'Rabbit'?

Rabbit is a character in Winnie the Pooh. He is good friends with Pooh , Piglet , Eeyore , Roo , Lumpy and even Tigger (thought sometimes Rabbit and Tigger get into fights) Ra (MORE)

What does a rabbit do?

Lots of things! . Sleeps . Eats hay, fresh greens, and some pellet-food . Bunny flops . Bunny 500 (runs around the room) . Binkies (funny jump-dance) . Grooms herself . (MORE)

What do rabbits have?

Rabbits have four long teeth in the top front of their mouths, two long teeth in front bottom of their mouth, long ears, short legs in front, and large powerful legs in the ba (MORE)

What do you get from a rabbit?

Some rabbits are bred for meat, and some breeds are used for their fiber (fur). Some wild rabbits are hunted for the same reasons (meat and/or fur). Lots of rabbits are show a (MORE)

Where can you get rabbits?

You can get bunnies from most pet stores, and from friends litters of bunnies if they have some.
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What do you have to do when you get a rabbit?

Ideally, you should completely prepare for the rabbit before you get one. Give yourself a few months at least to research rabbit care and behaviour, to gather all the necessar (MORE)