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Is Judaism a religion an ethnicity or a race?

Answer 1 Judaism is a religion Answer 2 Judaism is typically considered to be an ethno-religious group. It has certain elements that are common to all ethnicities, such as (MORE)

Does race and ethnic have the same meaning?

No I believe it doesn't mean the same thing.    ANSWER  RACE AND ETHNICITY DEFINED   Race "is a category of persons who are related by a common heredity or ancestr (MORE)

What is the difference between ethnicity and race?

Although they are often considered to be synonymous, this not so. People of the same race share a biological ancestor. The word "race" is derived from a middle-French word for (MORE)

What is the Functionalist perspective of race and ethnicity?

A Functionalist perspective on Race and Ethnicity is that Functionalists believe that in terms of understanding ethnic stratification it is possible to achieve a value consens (MORE)

Ethnic makeup of the United States?

In 2009 the US Census Bureau reports the following:    White alone, 74.8% or 229.8 million   Black (or African American) alone, 12.4% or 38.1 million   Some oth (MORE)