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Is Judaism a religion an ethnicity or a race?

Answer 1 Judaism is a religion Answer 2 Judaism is typically considered to be an ethno-religious group. It has certain elements that are common to all ethnicities, such as (MORE)

What is the difference between ethnicity and race?

Although they are often considered to be synonymous, this not so. People of the same race share a biological ancestor. The word "race" is derived from a middle-French word for (MORE)

What is the Functionalist perspective of race and ethnicity?

A Functionalist perspective on Race and Ethnicity is that Functionalists believe that in terms of understanding ethnic stratification it is possible to achieve a value consens (MORE)

Ethnic makeup of the United States?

In 2009 the US Census Bureau reports the following:    White alone, 74.8% or 229.8 million   Black (or African American) alone, 12.4% or 38.1 million   Some oth (MORE)

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