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What do you mean by race condition?

A race condition is a condition where the output of a logic circuit is highly dependent on propagation delay, the variation of which can cause the result to be uncertain. An (MORE)

Race condition in OS?

two or more processes are reading or writing some shared data and the final result depends on who runs precisely when, are called race condition.
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What is a race?

There are numerous potential answers to this question. A race can be a competition between two individuals or things. A race can be the ancestral or special origins of an indi (MORE)
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What is a Race Condition in process syncronization?

When two processes sharing a common variable try to update it simultaneously, one cannot predict the output of it, this is the race condition.A thread while updating the varia (MORE)

What is race?

A local geographic or global human population distinguished as a more or less distinct group by genetically testing and classifying them. example, cocasian, asian, african, hi (MORE)

What is the difference between deadlock and a race condition?

Race Conditions A race condition occurs when two threads access a shared variable at the same time. The first thread reads the variable, and the second thread reads the same (MORE)