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Why do cells produce only one form of a chiral compound rather than a racemic mixture?

Answer . A racemic mixture is one of two optical isomers. By way of analogy, your right hand is the mirror image of the left, there are chemical compounds that this also o ( Full Answer )
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What is racemization?

racemization is defined as if we add cis and anti form it give rise to racemic mixture
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Why cannot racemic tartaric acid be used to resolve 1-phenlyethanamine?

Only a pure resolving agent may be used. If a racemic mixture is used then the product will result in 4 different spatial arrangements 2 of which will be enatiomers. The whole ( Full Answer )
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Why is it better to take a drug as the active enatiomer instead of the racemic mixture?

Enantiomers can have very different effects on the body, which contains many chiral compounds. While one enantiomer may have a healing medicinal effect, the other can be harmf ( Full Answer )
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What is difference between a racemic mixture and a meso compound?

Both are optically inactive, but for different reasons. A racemic mixture contains chiral molecules that, individually, are optically active. But the mixture contains opticall ( Full Answer )
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What are racemic mixtures?

Mixtures containing equal amounts of levo- and dextro- forms of acompound and thus do not rotate the plane of polarized lightpassing through the mixture.