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Who is Corrie Ten Boom?

Corrie ten Boom and her family were Dutch Underground workers during World War II, saving hundreds of Jews. They were caught 4 years into their operation and she and sister Be (MORE)

How is a corrie formed?

  Corries are armchair-shaped hollows, which are found high up on the sides of hills. They are often formed on the shaded and therefore colder side of the hill. Here the s (MORE)

Who did Corrie Ten Boom help?

Corrie Ten Boom helped hundreds of Jews escape persecution by hiding them in her home. It is estimated that the family saved over 800 Jews. She was the only one of her family (MORE)
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Formation of a corrie?

in an ice age, snow accumulates in a hollow and is compressed into ice. over time the abrasion deepens. when the ice melts, Hey Presto! A corrie!

Why did corrie and karel never get married?

I am assuming you are talking about in the book known as "The Hiding Place", if so , Karel's parents wanted him to get married to someone in his own social class, someone that (MORE)

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